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Captain America/Steve Rogers! Hahaha. This is really shittily painted. Sorry. But it is just a…’prototype’ and I wanted everyone’s opinions on it, please?

Seriously. I need to know if the design’s okay.

(Pocket Steve. Hehehe.)

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    These are sooo cute!
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  5. treabitch answered: It’s adorable :]
  6. synchronousheartbeats answered: It’s adorbs! I absolutely love it!
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  8. maryashouldbedoingsomethingelse answered: THIS IS SO ADORABLE, I CAN’T EVEN!
  9. derivativeworks answered: I need them.
  10. victorian-witch answered: All of your little pocket-handsome-men are perfect. I need them all.
  11. tulumblue answered: Love these!!
  12. queen-of-the-void answered: these look really awesome man! :D
  13. candykandikyandi answered: This. Is. Perfect. :D
  14. hannibalitus answered: OMG HOW CUTE
  15. tehriz answered: this is actually the cutest thing i’ve ever seen.
  16. timecurve answered: WANT. WANT WANT WANT.
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